PATRIOT Prototype Demonstration

The video below demonstrates the great cooperation and successful integration work by the PATRIOT consortium. The PATRIOT prototype is based on building blocks realized in software and hardware and centered on a medical use case. Since the healthcare domain is already equipped with myriad of IoT applications, the use case of PATRIOT’s prototype is focused on the secure transmission of (patient’s health) data of these applications. In order to demonstrate the prototype’s functionality, a graphical user interface, respectively an application, was designed, developed and integrated into the main architecture. Besides the functionality demonstration, the application is moreover used to control the prototype and acting as a middleman for communication as well as data transmission and representation. Especially the data representation is a chief argument for the application, since patient’s health data are transmitted in a secure way and displayed in human-readable form, respectively plotted in the form of a graph. All the steps from starting up the prototype till the data representation are depicted and explained in detail in the video below.